Uwe H. Martin

Slow Violence – Slow Journalism – Slow Hope

Slow Violence – Slow Journalism – Slow Hope

I am an independent visual storyteller, slow journalist, artist, researcher, and educator. With my partner, Frauke Huber, I have investigated global agriculture's social and environmental consequences since 2007. Using a slow journalism approach, we bridge traditional journalistic publications, linear web documentaries, interactive apps, spatial installations, and performances. 

I explore how journalists and visual storytellers can become agents for eco-social change and establish a community of practice of diverse experts envisaging solutions to the Water-Food-Energy-Climate-Nexus.

I also teach photography, film, journalism, and storytelling for eco-social impact worldwide and lead design workshops ranging from water policy to urban climate adaptation. Through coaching and my "Vision Lab" workshops, I help creatives and journalists realize their dreams, build a sustainable media practice, and initiate social change.


Umwelt / Wissenschaft

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Ernährung, Landwirtschaft, Umwelt, Anthropozän, Multimedia, Storytelling, Ökologie, Globalisierung, Menschenrechte